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Crucible 2015 Teams & Results

SEMI FINAL - 24th August

Division One

Soundz Hire (4th seed) upset top seed Simmons Haulage to make the final.

Pot Black (2nd seed) went through to final after defeating Young Bucks (3rd seed).


FINAL - 31st August

Division One

A very close encounter for the Crucible Trophy saw Soundz Hire defeat Pot Black 4-3. 

The first round pairs saw one a piece with Malcolm Anderson/ Mary Landon-Lane defeating Bob Henderson/Bill Pickthall, and Graham Henderson/Lachlan Kearse defeating Gary Lawrence/Gordon Anderson.

The singles matches saw Soundz Hire leap ahead to 3-1 with Bob Henderson and Lachy Kearse both going in off the black against Malcolm Anderson and Mary Landon-Lane respectively. Bill Pickthall then beat Gary Lawrence, with a then very tight final match which saw Graham Henderson defeat Gordon Anderson on the black to make it 3-3.

The deciding match saw Malcolm Anderson and Bill Pickthall do battle. Close throughout, and finally coming down to a black ball finish. Malcolm potted a beautiful double off the side cushion into the middle pocket for victory.

Simmons Haulage defeated the Young Bucks for 3rd and 4th places respectively.

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